Increase your products sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint by preventing waste material from going to landfill or low end uses. MRC is able to recover the total value from your material while keeping our natural resources here in the USA.

MRC thinks outside the box and delivers creative recycling solutions that break industry barriers.

We can accommodate large capacities with a wide scope of capabilities.

MRC developed technology ready for custom processes:

  •  Grinding regrind chunks, purge, parts of any size.
  •  Shredding
  •  Washing
  •  Metal Removal
  •  Contaminant Removal
      (ie., adhesives, paint, ink and coatings.
  •  Aspiration removal of fines and longs.
  •  Color Separation
  •  Polymer Sortation
  •  Compounding uniform pellets.
  •  Blending / Mixing homogenous material.

The Process
MRC unceasingly seeks and develops sustainable technology solutions for material processing challenges to improve quality, increase yields, and reduce costs. MRC’s proprietary processes enable us to convert difficult streams of waste into valuable pellets ready for new applications. Every step of our processes is rigidly monitored to meet our uncompromising quality standards.