MRC Polymers utilizes our wide-scope of capabilities and cutting edge recycling technology to derive value from material otherwise considered as “waste”. Instead of paying for waste dispose or discarding plastic into a low-end application, MRC will uncover the full value and upgrade your material to its highest potential end-use.

We will analyze your plastic waste and work together to create a custom process for recycling.

Our expert engineers have the experience and know how to overcome recycling challenges to make your product more sustainabile, reduce your carbon footprint, and help your bottom line.

MRC Recycling Solutions:

•  MRC arranges plastic scrap pick-up throughout the United States and in Canada and Mexico, eliminate freight planning and logistic hassles with one call.

•  Wide variety of capabilites

•  Development of custom processes and flexible business solutions.

•  Ensure destruction of proprietary information on scrap materials.

•  Make a commitment to “made in USA” and American workers. MRC is a recycler AND manufacturer, not a re-seller. Plastic scrap recycled by MRC is processed in their compounding operation to produce engineering-grade resin pellets for domestic manufacturers.

•  Help for plastic recycling questions and problems is a click away. MRC has been in the business of recycling, logistics and compounding solutions since 1980.