MRC Polymers


MRC Polymers reclaims various grade thermoplastics from post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste and manufactures engineering-grade and commodity thermoplastic compounds. Since 1980, MRC's technology innovations keep valuable plastics out of the landfill and sustainably recycle them into high end applications. MRC's engineering plastics are high quality, engineering grade, cost-competitive alternatives to virgin resins.

MRC currently offers over 120 engineering plastic products products for manufacturing applications, as well as, a complete range of toll services.

Technology - Technology driven innovations allow MRC to uncover the value of waste and upgrade material to its highest potential end use. MRC specializes in the most challenging of feedstock streams and will analyze the potential of any waste stream. Mixed polymers, contaminations, layers, paint, and paper are not a problem here. plasticrecycling
Innovation - 36 years as a recycling industry leader, MRC has broken down industry barriers year after year.
Closed Loop Recycling - Customized recycling solutions will meet the needs of your greatest recycling challenges. If your material is bound for the landfill or is going into lower end applications, we can find a better solutions.